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About College of Real Estate

College of Real Estate Corporation (formerly Renewal Education) was founded in 1965 and is the oldest active Real Estate School serving Arizona.

In 2016, Renewal Education was acquired by the Rattler Realty group changing the name to College of Real Estate Corporation and appointing Earnest Guill to the role of President and Administrator.

Earnest Guill brings over twenty years of experience in the real estate environment in being a Designated Broker of real estate, insurance and mortgage along with his philosophy of providing an easy, flexible, and affordable pathway for individuals seeking a career in the real estate environment.

College of Real Estate has designed courses to accommodate individuals requiring a flexible schedule along with providing content to enhance the learning process through video, comprehension, vocabulary, and real-life situational examples.

Enrolling with College of Real Estate provides individuals the confidence and security of knowing they will be well prepared to pass the courses and state exams to assist and elevate the beginning of their journey into the real estate world.

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