Real Estate Classes and Online Real Estate Renewal in Phoenix, AZ

Real estate is a constantly changing and evolving industry. If you want to be part of this exciting field, enroll in the online real estate school College of Real Estate Corporation. We strive to be one of the top online real estate schools Phoenix, AZ locals count on. We offer many online real estate classes that cover all aspects of real estate in AZ.

What Can You Learn From Us?

Real estate isn’t just learning how to get your license or show a house to homebuyers. Instead, our range of online real estate classes covers:

  • Real estate brokerages
  • Real estate licenses
  • Fair housing laws
  • Contract law
  • Agency law
  • Licensee disclosure and obligations
  • Income tax
  • Property tax
  • Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Property law
  • Commissioner’s standards

Many of our classes combine these topics, while other classes go more in-depth about a specific topic. Discover what classes we offer below to see which ones are right for your real estate education situation.

Why Choose Us for Your Real Estate Education Needs?

We know that education can be time-consuming and costly, so we strive to make the real estate education process simple and affordable. With online, self-paced classes, you can take the time you need to understand real estate in AZ.

Additionally, since we’ve been around since 1965, we know all the changes in AZ real estate law, which helps us to better educate you. This helps us to better educate you with our reliable classes for online real estate renewal Phoenix, AZ residents love. Plus, we’ve implemented e-learning technology since 2000 so we are well-equipped to handle the challenges of online education.

Plus, once you become a full-fledged agent, we can help you find a quality job that matches your abilities. We want to ensure that your future as a real estate agent is bright.

Whether you want to become a new realtor or broker or simply need to renew your license, we’re here to help with our online real estate certification course solutions. See what online real estate course you need below, and call us at (602) 765-0500 if you have any questions.