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At College of Real Estate Corporation, we believe in ensuring that regardless of your schedule, location, or personal preference, we have a delivery method to suit your needs. We offer online self-paced classes.

Welcome to the College of Real Estate Corporation

Are you looking for classes to become a real estate agent from one of the top real estate schools AZ has to offer? If so, your search can end here with the College of Real Estate Corporation! Since 1965, we've been providing real estate agents with a quality education that constantly updates as the laws and regulations change.

When you're in need of classes for your real estate career, check out what we have to offer as one of the top real estate schools in Phoenix, AZ! With our personalized courses, you can gain a sense of security and confidence going into your state exam. Our courses are designed to address all different situations and issues that can arise during your real estate career. That way, you're feeling the most prepared you can be!

What Our Various Online Courses Include

  • Real estate brokerages 
  • Real estate licenses 
  • Fair housing laws 
  • Contract law 
  • Agency law 
  • Licensee disclosure and obligations 
  • Income tax 
  • Property tax 
  • Tax-deferred exchanges 
  • Property law 
  • Commissioner’s standards

Rely On Our Online Real Estate Courses for Your Career Journey


If you're wondering what reliable real estate schools in AZ can offer you, get in touch with us today! Whether you're just starting your career or need to renew your license, our various online course options are sure to meet your education needs. We take pride in providing course material meant to enhance your learning process through video, comprehension, vocabulary, and real-life examples!

Our online courses allow you to learn on your own terms and at your own pace so you absorb as much knowledge as possible. You can keep your schedule flexible and save money at the same time with online courses from one of the most dependable real estate schools Phoenix, AZ residents love! Contact us today to learn more.

Accredited & Approved

Accredited and approved by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, we have been educating Arizona real estate professionals since 1965. Once you become a real estate agent, College of Real Estate also helps you with job placement.

College of Real-estate Corporation
College of Real-estate Corporation

Affordable & Flexible

Our continuing education courses are designed to fit your schedule at a low cost. We are experts at helping people renew their license. Our step-by-step guide will take you from the basics of the business to becoming an active, licensed real estate agent.