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What does the AZ Real Estate License Online Course cover?

Our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ are comprehensive programs covering essential topics in real estate, specifically tailored to Arizona's laws and regulations. Prepare for success in the industry with 90 hours of online education, an eBook, video session recaps, printable flashcards, and a self-paced learning format. To learn more, contact College of Real Estate today!

How much does the AZ Real Estate License Online Course cost?

The cost for our AZ Real Estate License Online Course is $799.00. This includes 90 hours of online education, an eBook available upon enrollment, video session recaps, printable flashcards, a self-paced learning structure, and a 30-day refund policy for your peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ!

Can I get a refund for the AZ Real Estate License Online Course?

Yes, our AZ Real Estate License Online Course comes with a risk-free enrollment. We offer a 30-day refund policy on our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ to provide you peace of mind as you take the first step toward your real estate career.

What are the five easy steps to get an AZ real estate license?

Achieving your AZ real estate license is easy with our five-step guide. From enrolling in our 90-hour education program to passing the state exam through Pearson VUE, we've streamlined the process for your success. Sign up for online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ today!

How long is the Fingerprint Clearance Card process for an Arizona real estate license?

The Fingerprint Clearance Card process for an Arizona real estate license may take as long as eight to 10 weeks. It's a crucial step in the application process, and understanding the timelines and requirements is essential for a smooth licensing journey. Learn more about our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ today!

What are the fees associated with the AZ real estate license exam?

Stay informed about the fees associated with the AZ real estate license exam. Accepted payment methods, potential changes, and all the details you need are crucial to know before scheduling your exam with Pearson VUE. Learn more with the help of our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ!

What are the options for renewing a real estate license in Phoenix, AZ?

Explore our options for renewing your real estate license in Phoenix, AZ. From the popular 30-Hour Broker Renewal Package to individual classes covering various real estate laws, find the option that suits your renewal needs. Contact us today to learn more about our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ!

What does the 24-Hour Renewal Package include?

Our comprehensive 24-Hour Renewal Package for AZ real estate licenses covers essential categories, including agency law, contract law, federal fair housing, and more. Renew your license conveniently with our all-inclusive package. Contact us today to take online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ!

What are the qualifications for obtaining a real estate broker license in Arizona?

Becoming a real estate broker in AZ involves meeting qualifications such as being at least 18 years old, providing proof of three years of full-time experience, obtaining a DPS Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card, and completing a 90-hour pre-licensing education. Learn more with our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ.

What is the Real Estate Broker Online Course for AZ?

Did you know that, according to US News, real estate agent jobs rank number six in the best sales and marketing jobs? Our Real Estate Broker Online Course for Arizona is a specialized program designed to provide aspiring real estate brokers with comprehensive training and preparation for licensure in the state of Arizona. This 90-hour course is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements and regulations set forth by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Throughout our online real estate classes in Phoenix, AZ, students will delve into a diverse range of topics essential for success in the real estate industry. From mastering the intricacies of Arizona real estate law to understanding ethical standards and practices, our curriculum covers all aspects necessary for a thriving career as a licensed real estate broker.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to advance your career or a newcomer to the field, our course caters to individuals at every stage of their journey. We prioritize delivering high-quality education through interactive online modules, expert instruction, and comprehensive resources to ensure our students are well-equipped to excel in their real estate endeavors.

Additionally, our course provides invaluable insights and practical knowledge to help students navigate the complexities of the Arizona real estate market with confidence and proficiency. From learning effective communication strategies to honing negotiation skills, we aim to empower our students to thrive in their roles as real estate brokers.

Ultimately, our Real Estate Broker Online Course for Arizona offers a structured and dynamic learning experience that prepares students for success on their path to becoming licensed real estate brokers in the state of Arizona. With a focus on excellence, professionalism, and practical application, we are committed to helping our students achieve their goals and embark on a rewarding career in the real estate industry.

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Table of Contents

  1. Session 1 – Real Estate Law, Business and Ethics
    1. Real Estate Law Sources
    2. Real Estate Business
    3. Real Estate Brokerages
    4. Arizona Licensing Law
    5. Professional Ethics
  2. Session 2 – Land and Real Estate
    1. Land and Real Estate
    2. Water Rights
    3. Characteristics of Real Estate
  3. Real and Personal Property
    1. Ownership System and Rights
    2. Real and Personal Property
    3. Sale of Personal Property
  4. Real Estate Math
    1. Math Principles, T Formula, Commission Problems
    2. Area Problems
  5. Session 5 – Legal Descriptions
    1. Metes and Bounds
    2. Rectangular Survey
    3. Map and Plat
  6. Session 6 – Government Land Ownership and Use Control
    1. Public Ownership and History of Arizona Land Trust
    2. Land Use Controls
    3. Zoning
  7. Session 7 – Subdivisions
    1. AZ Subdivision Laws
    2. Interstate Full Disclosure Act
    3. Developments with Common Elements

Comprehensive Test 1

  1. Session 8 – Encumbrances
    1. Non-monetary Encumbrances
    2. Monetary Encumbrances
    3. Arizona Real Property Taxes
    4. Mechanics and Materialmans Liens
    5. Judgements, Attachments, Lis Pendens
  2. Session 9 – Home Owernship, Insurance and Construction
    1. Home Ownership
    2. Property Insurance
    3. Home Construction
    4. Contractor Requirements
  3. Session 10 – Freehold Estates and How Property is Held
    1. Estates in Land
    2. Freehold Estates
    3. Homestead Exemption
    4. How Property is Held
  4. Session 11 – Entities for Ownership
    1. Entities for Ownership
    2. Other Entity Choices
    3. Trusts
  5. Session 12 – Agency Law and Disclosure
    1. The Agent
    2. Creation of Agency
    3. Fiduciary Duty
    4. Disclosure
  6. Session 13 – Listing Agreements
    1. Requirements for RE Employment Agreement
    2. Types of Listings
    3. Termination of Listings
    4. Multiple Listing Services
  7. Environmental Issues and Arizona Water Law
    1. Environmental Hazards
    2. Environmental Law
    3. Hazardous Substances
    4. Arizona Water Law

Comprehensive Test 2

  1. Session 15 – Contract Law
    1. Definition and Classification of Contract
    2. Essentials of a Valid Contract
    3. Status of Contracts
    4. Discharge of Contracts
    5. Breach of Contracts
    6. Real Estate Purchase Cont.
  2. Session 16 – Title and transferring Title
    1. Title, Public Notice, Title Transfer
    2. Voluntary Alienation
    3. Involuntary Alienation
    4. Alienation by Will
    5. Alienation by Decent
  3. Session 17 – Recording Acts and Title Insurance
    1. Recording a Document
    2. Escrow Companies
    3. Title Insurance
  4. Session 18 – Closing the Transaction
    1. Closing Costs
    2. RESPA
    3. Prorations
    4. Closing Statement
  5. Session 19 – Real Estate Appraisal
    1. Characteristics and Types of Value, Factors Influencing Value, Economic Principles of Value
    2. Comparative Market Analysis and Broker Price Opinions
    3. Three Approaches to Value; Appraisal Steps and Report
    4. Gross Rent Multiplier, Licensing and Professional Organizations
    5. Match Exercise
    6. Business Accounting/Value
  6. Session 20 – Control of Money and Real Estate Finance
    1. Control of Money
    2. Sources of Real Estate Finance
    3. Secondary Market
  7. Session 21 – Real Estate Financing Instruments
    1. Financing Instruments
    2. Real Estate Loan Classifications
    3. Residential Lending
    4. Commercial Lending
  8. Session 22 – Qualifying Buyers, Interest and Discount Points
    1. Qualifying Buyers
    2. Internet and Discount Points
    3. Loan Payment Plans
    4. Financing Math

Comprehensive 3 Test

  1. Session 23 – Loan Satisfaction, Assumption, Defaults and Foreclosures
    1. Loan Satisfaction/Assumption
    2. Defaults
    3. Foreclosure Avoidance
    4. Foreclosure
    5. Land Contract Forfeitures
  2. Session 24 – Leasehold Estates
    1. Leasehold Interest
    2. Classification of Leases
    3. Types of Lease Clauses
    4. Termination/Transfer
  3. Session 25 – Property Management and Arizona Landlord Tenant Acts
    1. Property Management
    2. Arizona Landlord Tenant Acts
  4. Session 26 – Fair Housing
    1. Fair Housing History
    2. Fair Housing Act
    3. Remedies
    4. Americans with Disabilities Act
  5. Session 27 – Arizona Real Estate Code and Commissioners Rules
    1. Real Estate Department
    2. Regulation
    3. Real Estate Recovery Fund
  6. Session 28 – Investing in Real Estate and Income Tax Aspects of Real Estate
    1. Real Estate Investment Principles
    2. Income Tax and Real Estate
    3. Income Tax Sale of Real Property
    4. Tax Deferred Exchanges

Comprehensive 4 Test

Final Exam